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As you progress through regions, the obstacles grow more complex and move about more often, while the soundtrack ups the tempo and starts to exert pressure of its own. Keeping things quiet is one of the biggest challenges of Payday 2 because so much can go wrong. A suspicious civilian might see you put on your mask. A security camera might spot you at a distance. A guard might round the corner when you're not expecting it. The guy on the radio might not believe you when you pretend to be the guard you just knocked out. Or someone, somewhere might hear the tinkling of broken glass, and before you know it, the cops are on their way and your escape van has bugged out. Completing a job without the cavalry showing up triggers a rush of giddy satisfaction, but more often than not, you're going to have to shoot your way out. Shin Megami Tensei IV is steeped in the notions of affinity and contrast, and they're carefully woven into the story of your intimate group of samurai prentices. The supporting cast members all have strong personalities, though unfortunately, they never grow beyond their roles. Shin Megami Tensei IV harps on differences of opinion, forcing you to side with one or another to progress the story in a particular way. In that regard, the samurai serve their function quite well. However, unlike in a series such as Persona--an offshoot of Shin Megami Tensei--where relationships are nurtured and characters evolve, the characters here are borderline perfunctory. NCAA Football '14 does make a strong attempt at introducing the complexities of the college game to those who are not intimately familiar with it. Nike Skills Trainer walks you through the major scenarios you face during a game, and the time spent on the practice field pays off once you take to the field on game day. Learning how to use your blockers or when to throw a fade versus a bullet is important knowledge, as is coming to grips with the sometimes overbearing audible system. Considering how complicated the core action has become, Nike Skills Trainer is a solid addition that provides a much smoother learning curve than previous games in the series. Despite the combat flaws, Deadpool makes a valiant attempt at being entertaining. A few brief diversions from the core action add some much-needed variety to the unceasing killing. Nintendo's most timeless franchises receive unexpected homages, and there's even a brief turret sequence that delivers a silly take on this tired trope. Who would have thought a Sentinel's detached shoe could be so fun? However, there are just too many flaws in the overarching mechanics to make this a consistently satisfying endeavor. Deadpool tries to hide its problems behind an exuberant personality, but all the talking in the world can't smooth over some fundamental flaws. You soon find that your best just doesn't cut it, and while the process of practicing and mastering a bit more of each level

Let's imagine I'm upgrading a rifle that is too big to squeeze between my pectorals under the coat and I'm walking into a level with the weapon in one hand; I'll usually be dead in the first minute and even if I succeed in killing everyone on the map with my cool, custom gun - the purpose is lost. The only thing that I've upgraded was the Silverballers because they are the signature by which I'm recognized in the community (now I'm babbling?). On the other hand, I am mad at my fellow journalists who contented themselves with a superficial look at a game with such prestige. Furthermore, they successfully redefined the RPG notion into some twisted vagueness specific to the brain-dead console games, something which has absolutely nothing, "nada!" in common with the origins of PC RPG-s, the Wizards of the Coast's DnD games. Where is the dynamic news system? Great deeds give birth to rumors and rumors give birth to legends. And where is the freedom of decision-making that should dramatically determine the course of the entire story? How can one become a hero if his faith is sealed by the will of the storyteller? There can never be Good without the temptation of Evil - where is the dark side in Oblivion? And what is this "master of all guilds" bull-manure? What is this, GTA? Some comical situations spice up the gameplay, thanks to the charming nature of Mr. Brooks. There are also some turnovers that will bring a plus of trouble. The lack of more people is cleverly explained for each of the five locations. I was still a little disappointed, but at least the explanations were there. A rather simple story takes you from one puzzle to the other, providing all the necessary clues and appropriate reasons. Not extremely fun, but intriguing, the game catches your attention from the first to the last second. Oh, I almost forgot: careful as you can't interact with the nearby objects while the inventory is open - that's only for combining the different things you already poses. The good thing about it all is that there are no loadings anywhere in the game - just one swift experience through a mysterious quest. Do not take foreign relations easily 'cause getting along with neighbors is essential in case you wish to get a good deal out of them. Besides, if you're both catholic nations than the relations with the Papal State may deteriorate if you inflict too much damage or attack too many cities. Such actions can even get you excommunicated, not just get a chill in the relations panel. Also mind that time passes by even if you notice it or not (there is no date indicator anywhere unfortunately) and kings grow old and eventually die, Popes die, new discoveries mess your perfect world up and there's always a very good chance that things are a lot different now than five turns ago. The bottom line is that Medieval II: Total War managed to get the best out of the two strategy genres and raised the stakes for such games a little bit higher. I believe there is no other game to match the tactical gameplay value of FM. In short, the game is about managing a football/soccer club in almost all its aspects. However, the beautiful aspect of the game is the tactical approach only. The player has to find the perfect balance between his tactics and how much can handle his students. Having the best players has nothing to do with victory, but having the right men, does. Those of you who never played a football manager before, should bear in mind that "RPGish leveling up" has nothing to do with it. Firstly, a player may suck at everything but that field you need him to excel. Secondly, depending on his personality, age and natural fitness, some of his stats may suffer improvement while others may show severe degradation. All that matt